Optional Pre-pay for match

Hello, it would be great if my registrants had the option to pre-pay for a match. Is it possible to add this option/selection?

Yes Lynn,
Your registrants can pay for their matches online!!
You will need to visit “Stripe”. The are a credit card processing company. set up an account there. When you do there will be two payment keys (random numbers and letters) available for you. A “public” key and a “private” key. You will place them in the Payments section of your club settings.
The you will be able to set up and make online payments during registration available!
It is really amazing… and easy.

Hi, Yes I’m aware of this. I have some events where it is mandatory for my registrants to pay. But P/S only allows the selection of mandatory prepay. I would like to offer them the option to prepay. Can that be added?

It’s possible, I will put it on the agenda for next weeks meeting to discuss what it would take to do and when the busy IT dept could get to it. Some additions are easy, Some additions seemingly easy would take months of reprogramming to make happen.

We moved this to Ideas section and have this on our Web list of things to look into.

How do i get this to my PS page I have the account but cant link and shooters cant pay. Thanks

Hi Merlin!
Do you already have a Stripe account?

You need to go onto your Practiscore club then enter the settings area. In there click the payments section and you will see where to put your stripe keys so you can run payments through Stripe.

Yes I do it has been set up .

Ok, thanks for the update ill see if that works.

You’ll need to get the Stripe keys, and enter them into the boxes in your club settings. You’ll need the “Publishable” and “Secret” key. We recommend hand entering them rather than copy/paste, because copy/paste can sometimes insert spaces before or after the keys and renders them inactive.

Yes Thanks got it done, it should work now thanks all.

Hi Lynn!

You are probably already aware but I just wanted to update this thread that it is now possible to allow shooters to have the OPTION to pay online. I have it set up that way for my matches.