Open "2 Tabs/windows" of Practiscore on Android Tablet

Hi folks,

I want to run 2 stages on one Android Tablet during a competition. Is there a way to have “2 Tabs” opened in Practiscore.
In Detail, I have two Stages in one hall and also I have two (different) Squads at the same time in my locations. I want to run them in parallel, during starter 1 of SQ1 in Stage 1 is starting, Starter 1 of SQ2 is in Stage 2 is in preparation. I have to switch between the starters, which are physical next to each other in a very short time, and i want to avaoid to jump/hover over all the menues in practiscore to change the Squad and Stage , as there is a huge potential for mistakes. Is there a chance to have “multitasking” and “two” tabs opened. One with Stage 1 and Squad 1 and on the other “tab” stage two with Squad 2. I only want to change the “tab” or "window).

Any idea if this is posible and how to do? I was told by an RO that this should be possible, but i was not able to configure/find out how to do.


@Werner_Weissboeck for what you want to do I’d strongly recommend to use 2 tablets.

It is possible to lock multiple stages on a given tablet (see entry popup menu on the stage list screen), then you will have an option to score them side by side or sequential. The side by side is effectively multiple tabs on the scoring screen. But the scoring is tied up to a single squad. You wont be able to jump between squads that way and it will cause mistakes.

All in all you should use two tablets.

Thanks for the tipp. That’s exactly what I need for the competition.

One more question. I want to use one master tablet, and all the other can grab the data/information there. Do I have to lock the stages already on the master tablet or do i have to do the locking on the tablet at the stage/hall? I guess i have to lock it on the tablet in the stage, or? Also i guess this would have no further impact on the master tabelt, or?

Once more again, thanks for your excelent advice!

You have to lock stages on each scoring tablet. It is a local setting. When tablet has locked stages it won’t sync scores from other tablets to avoid cross-syncing scores. Non locked stages won’t be shown on the scoring screen either. You can use sync on your master tablet to pull scores as usual.

For large matches we recommend to lock stages on individual devices, also assign tablet name in the app (e.g. “stages 1,2,3” or “bay 2”) and also put a physical label on the tablet with the same name. That will help to avoid entering scores on wrong stages and you will see what stages scores are being pulled from.

Here are couple of somewhat outdated videos demonstrating scoring side-by-side stages: