Online payment refunded, shooter still shows as "paid" on export?


I bit the bullet and signed up for Stripe payment processing today for our club.

I did a test payment on one of my registrations, then refunded it.

I exported All Data and checked the “Paid” status and I still show as paid.

If I view/approve shooters I see the “refunded” status.

Your thoughts? I use the data sheet at a written check-in sheet.

Thank you!

You refunded the amount but you either should be withdrawing the shooter or Removing the Payment (which is an option) I removed the payment on that registration and now the export does not show paid anymore.
Nominally refunding a payment will go along with another action.
Make sense???


We initially had it automatically remove the paid status but now there are partial refunds, etc. so we left it up to the MD to remove it.

Got it. Thanks for the quick response!