Online Payment: Not decreasing amounts as set?

Just starting with Stripe and running into it charging the full price instead of the discounted. Not sure if this is just an error in the exported CSV, or actual pricing error. Any tips?

Shown the pricing schedule

The export that shows the correct pricing extras, but the paid price is showing full price.

Have you looked at these transactions on your stripe account to see what is being charged to the shooter? I think you will find that these 2nd guns are billed at $15.
The spreadsheet doesn’t make the calculations it just shows what the line items are.

I do need to mention that I notice you have matches pre made and or cloned out for months and months. We suggest to MD’s to clone or create matches no more then 2 months out (with the exception of a major or area championships) As the web site has updates done to it, occasionally we would see issues with the registration/syncing system and it is almost always from older cloned matches. So please consider removing you matches that are going to fall outside this window and create them at dates get closer.

DJ, the amounts seem to be correct with stripe as you suggested. Is there a way (Feature request) to see that? MD’s do not have access to this at our club so it takes time to ask someone else to verify. Would be nice to see the amount paid. Good to know about the spreadsheet not making calculations, I will regard that as ‘information only’.

Thank you! I will mention that to the other MD’s.