One of our 4 tablets not showing WiFi connection

we bought 4 identical android tablets. All connect to the wifi network (shown in tablets’ setting app)
when in PS program at bottom one tablet shows WiFi unknown ssid
(has <> arrows at beginning and end but when I type them in they don’t show in this message)

so question for the day: is this a problem with tablet or PS program?

and help getting PS to connect to wifi the tablet sees would be great too


it is an xfinity wireless router in my home.

remember all the other 3 tablets conntect and show that connection in the PS program.

the tablet in quesition also shows it’s conncected–it’s just inside the PS program where it doesn’t show the connection

further info PS is version 1.7.29 (202305071548)

@Walter_Laich you need to go into the system settings on your Android tablets and enable location services. Then go to the app manager there, find PractiScore app and enable Location access permission.

That will allow PractiScore app to access your wifi network name.

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