On the Website in the "Matches" search filter not all countries are listed

Hi all,
When I search for Matches I would like to limit the search only to Switzerland. However the country Switzerland is missing in the Filter (there are several upcoming matches that I can find without the filter but then it is quite difficult to scroll through all the available matches in all countries).
Any ideas?
Thank you!


i see only idpa ultra match by SwissAAA club.
i don’t see any other matches containing “Swiss” or “Switzerland”
mayber other clubs have wrong location in club profile settings?
also i do see “Switzerland” in filters, and shows only this one match.

can you post links here to those matches that you can find without filter?

Please find below the upcoming Matches in Switzerland that I can see in the general list (this is probably not the full list):

  • IDPA Club Zürich - 2022 Santa Claus Open
  • SSVW - internal Year-End Match #2 - IPSC
  • IDPA Club St.Gallen, Club Training Dezember
  • IDPA Club St.Gallen, Club Dienstags-Training Dezember
  • Shooting-Inn Cup 2023
  • Swiss International Championships - IDPA Ultra Match

Also the screenshot of the Match list and the filter:

Unfortunately Switzerland is not there.

Thanks for your help!


It seem to be pushed off the list based on the number of matches… You will see it if you click on “IDPA” filter.