% of possible points "overall" vs % of possible points in a division for classifying?

In my first USPSA match, I got a 60.28% of possible points on the “overall” page, but when I looked at only my division (Carry Optics) I got an 88.5%.

Is it only the division percentage that is used to calculate my eventual classification?

Hi @richard,

You’re match percentage doesn’t matter (either % of possible in overall or division. USPSA classification is based on individual, specific classifiers that USPSA has approved for all shooters to shoot.

@Richard_Doll the “% of possible points” shown on the PractiScore web site is not very representative number, because you are competing against the top competitor in this match, but not against the max match points.

Anyhow, your “HSA USPSA August 2020” has total 160 + 20 + 60 + 10 + 60 = 310 points. One would get max match points by winning all individual stages.

The top overall competitor go 305.1412 points out of max 310.
You got 186.8695 match points in overall standing. That’s 60.28% of 310 max points.

But in your CO division you have 274.3464 match points of the same 310 max points.

The difference is because CO’s top stage hit factors are different, and accordingly individual stage points are distributed differently in CO division alone.

You can find some more detail on the math used in HF scoring in the Why do finishing orders change from Overall to Division? article.

BTW, in this match stage 1 has more points than the rest of the match together and that was the stage you did the worst on.