Occasional sync issue from Android (kindle) to iPad

My question is actually two separate questions.

#1. I have hosted 6 matches now and have run into the same issue a few different times. My master tablet is an iPad (ios 14.4.2) running PS (1.736) All of my scoring devices are Kindle Fire 7’s (Fire OS running PS (1.6.51) My issue occurs after the match when syncing the scores from the Kindles back to the master iPad. After the sync, sometimes the iPad has incomplete data. For a given stage, the iPad will show no scores for a few shooters while the other shooters who shared the same Kindle on that squad have complete scores. I can’t find a pattern to it. I have had 3 different kindles do this now and it really messes up the overall scores when points are missing. It is very bizarre to me that it will get part of the squad’s scores correct, but then skip over a couple shooters. Another MD at my match said he had the same issue using kindles and iPads together, and his advice was to use another Android device as the master score keeper. Is this what I will have to do? Or is there another way to solve this issue?

#2. Related to #1 in a way. Is there a way to make an Android device display the results after a match the same way my iPad does? The iPad version is nice because I can quickly scan through the chart which shows every stage of the match, and I can see if there are any zeros or skipped cells. The Android version only shows me overall points and I have to go into every stage via the menu which is very tedious. The iPad also has a convenient “export CSV” option which shows the data nicely too. Can the Androids display a chart with the shooter results and scores from each stage as seen below, which is a screenshot from my iPad after a match?

This is the Kindle’s results page. It wouldn’t let me have two pictures on the original post.

So my first question to you in a way of troubleshooting is this.
Are you checking the master after the sink of a stage tablet or squad tablet to verify all of the scores have transferred?
For example check on the stage tablet that you have 16 out of 16 scores let’s say. Then after you sync you check the master to see that it has 16 of 16 scores.
Then do that on all the tablets as you sync them into the master.
If you find one that doesn’t have all of the scores transferred and then I would be curious what happens if you sync it again.
I would also be interested in what kind of network you’re running and how solid it is. And making sure that the tablet screen is not timing out and stopping the transfer. There are many many things that could possibly cause this not just a software issue.

@Spencer_Munn in order to investigate sync issue between iOS and Android we will need the match export files *.psc from both iOS and Android devices for that match. Once you stumble upon this issue again, please capture these files from both iOS and Android and email them to [email protected] and also include any additional details that would allow us to reproduce (e.g. names of competitors that don’t have correct scores etc).

In the mean time, it might be a good idea to use Android device as a master for the time being until we track down what the issue is. However please note two things.

  • The current Android app release is 1.7.10
  • It is NOT recommended to cross-sync scores between devices. Generally you should pull match changes from the master to scoring devices, and then pull scores from scoring devices into the master

@Spencer_Munn regarding the match results in the Android app. There are no plans to change them. The format you suggesting does not scale well for large matches and we have users who’d like to actually print the match results.

However there are multiple other ways to verify if your match scores are complete (on both iOS and Android devices)

  • First of all when you are on the scoring screen the apps show you the incomplete stages, squads and individual shooters using the red indicators

  • For the bird eye view, both apps have the Match Progress view. In Android app it is available from the top menu on the Shooters/Squads screen, as well as on the View Results screen. Basically it shows you the stages to squads grid with incomplete stages in red. In the Android app you can tap on the individual squad’s stages to jump to the scoring screen for that squad to see what’s missing.

  • In the Android app you can also type “incomplete” in the search field at the top of the Squad Shooters and Shooters/Squads screens to see the incomplete shooter results. More on that

@D.J.Petrou Thank you for the reply. Yes I now check the scoring tablet and the master to make sure they reflect the same data after syncing. At first I didn’t this, but I do better now since I know there is a potential for data loss.
I have not tried to re-sync when I find the problem, I simply add the missing scores manually into the master tablet. I will try to keep this idea in mind to test next time the problem pops up. I have a match this weekend, maybe I’ll have a chance to test this theory.
The network is not great. I am using my phone as a hotspot and then sharing it with the tablets. The range is remote, so this is my only option. I don’t think the screen timeout has ever been an issue yet, but I will keep an eye on that too as a potential issue. Thanks!

@euxx Thanks for the reply. If this issue pops up again I will try to get you the files from the devices that have problems. I understand that table results are not ideal for everybody, I just figured since that is the default results page of the ios app maybe the android version could do the same? I would like that feature if it ever became an option to ad it in the future. Thanks

Here is a thought for your Network in the middle of nowhere. Often if your cell phone doesn’t have a good data signal the hotspot will be sketchy. Find an old home router. I have an old Linksys one. Hook it to power or to an inverter in a vehicle and it will create a good solid Network that is not hooked up to the Internet for you to sync from. And really big matches I use mine in my truck and I could just pull up to the stage and pull scores from this going tablet without getting out of the truck because the range is 150’.:+1:t2:

@D.J.Petrou it is unlikely a “sketchy” network would cause an issue with syncing some random score when other scores in the same pull are synced fine.

You either got the match data or you didn’t. If networking was an issue, sync wouldn’t have worked at all. You get the timeout or connection error before seeing the match and score changes acceptance page.