NRL22 questions

I never heard of Practiscore or NRL22 before 2 weeks ago!
I hooked up with a brand new local range named Cohutta Pines and it sits on 100 acres out here in the wilderness.
So I looked him up on FB and found out Logan, the owner, is trying to get his first NRL22 match going…and I jumped in to volunteer and to start my new hobby-competitive shooting.

So ok Logan asks me "Do you wanna be Match Director "
“SURE-how hard can it be?”
So I’ve been learning all the rules and regulations of NRL22 fairly well and now I am focusing on the tablet, “Fire” android software, scoring and making stages, and uploading all this to other tablets and eventually uploading results to the internet.

After reading your thread-Question
How can I tell if I have the Competitor software or free software on this tablet?
Franky I forgot why I needed to know this, trying to absord everything.

I was handed a tablet with Fire HD10 (11th gen) last week and trying to get to know everything by June 11th first NRL22 match. It has Practiscore on it and it says its the Match Director tablet.
(BTW I’ve never owned a tablet either).
Looks like I have PS Version 1.7.19

So I got my feet wet, waiting for the range owner to get our match setup (it’s set up but the registration for participants is still needing attention) then I will be able to do stuff…

for instance a few questions on the Stages setup page-
I was able to “ADD STAGE”
have no idea what “ADD CLASSIFIER” and “EDIT TARGETS” want me to do
I made a few bonus stages off of the April 2022 COF, we used it as a practice run for our first match, we got 6 shooters out there, we ran the COF, we tallied our scores on paper best we could, then that evening I input the scoring best I could on this Fire tablet, just to gain experience (we’ll wanna delete that match btw).

Also I think I’ve sen you on, yes?


Since you are truly new I will suggest you go thru our tutorial section in the community to answer the majority of your questions. We also have a NRL22 section that is specific.
Start here.

Go here,

If you post NRL22 questions after you have read a number of the tutorials, Levi, our NRL22 expert will help you.

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I am in the same basic situation have gone through the tutorial in depth which was very good. As the master I am using a Fire HD10 Gen11. When I exercise the android download the file comes with a .PDF file type instead of the .PSC file type required by PS. I suspect I am missing software updates.

Can anyone enlighten me as what additional software the Fire needs to properly download the COF? I did see mention of ‘software’ needed but it did not specify what.

Any help would appreciated.

Hi Bill!

Yes, the fire tablets can be annoying with not letting you click hyperlinks within a PDF.

Personally I like to just download the psc file to my phone and then sync it over to the fire tablet from there.

Once in the fire tablet, you can clone and build into your match etc.

Also, I will look into getting the PS templates added to the match director’s assets on the NRL22 website on the downloads portion of the website. Hopefully that will bypass the need for accessing pdf hyperlinks and allow you to get there from the web browser on your fire tablet instead.

Thank you. I should be able to sych from my iPad which downloaded clean and the file is there. I tried it through Google drive and I actually saw the file type change. Asie from the template everything worked out fine.

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This issue is fixed for Fire tablets. When downloading the COF you must have a PDF reader installed that can process the imbedded link. If not, the message ‘Cannot Open’ will be presented. The default PDF reader in the Fire does not process imbedded. I installed ‘PDF Reader’ from the Apps Store to remedy this. The misleading part about using Fire’s is they can open the PDF but do not support the imbedded links. Thought you should be aware of this because it consumed a lot of my time. Not a Practiscore problem but vendor related. I also tried to link and iPad and android and that will not work.

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Yes, very aware of fire and pdf’s. Previously we recommended a specific pdf app but then it became no longer available to fire tablets so I just stopped trying to keep up with what pdf reader will and won’t work on fire. Most folks just bookmark the link in the browser on their fire.

What are you referring to with iPad and Android won’t work?

I tried to synch the two. Neither OS saw the other. Android only recognized android and the same for IOS. Did I miss something? We are now using all Fire androids.

@Bill_Kozuck you can try to check local network access permission for PractiScore app on iOS

@Levi_Sanderson I’ve added a quick fallback in 1.7.27 app for Android to an online PDF viewer (Google Drive) in case there is no PDF viewer available on device. It won’t help if device does not have internet access, but it is better than nothing and much more lightweight option than adding a full blown built-in support for viewing PDFs into the PractiScore app.

Very cool Eugene. :+1:
Looking forward to checking it out when the new update hits.

Thank you!

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