Notification for double booking

I hate to say it, but more than once I’ve been a little too eager signing up for matches only to find out that I pick a match for the same day I’m already registered somewhere else. It’d be great if there was a banner that showed up on a match if it’s overlapping an already registered match.

Thanks for the idea Joshua! Not sure how this can be implemented, but it is definitely a good one and I’ll pass it on to our developers for when they’re back on website changes!

HI Josh,
That’s a great idea that we can put on our list for future updates.
What I would suggest now is that if you are logged into your Practiscore account that you look at your dashboard and it will show you upcoming matches you are registered for. It’s an easy way to check your upcoming schedule. :wink:
Here is a sample from my testing account.

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Its absolutely something that I could manage better on my part! I’m just a little too eager when scrolling through the list of upcoming area matches and registering. I could probably also make a little better use of the calendar tab in PS. Its the reason I have 4 bottles of chili powder in my cabinet at home. Every time I go to the store, I think I’m probably out and buy another bottle.

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Welcome to the community Joshua!

Having an alert for people that they have already registered would be great. As an MD I see duplicate entry’s quite often.

i think you can also look under “Calendar” in your profile menu, it shows fields with names of your matches.