Notes linking to upcoming matches

When I type a MD note on a registration field, and select “Save,” the Practiscore website opens up the search screen for future matches & does not save the note. The note field is completely unusable. I checked it using both Chrome & Edge to make sure it was not a browser specific issue. I use this field a lot. Help.

I just tested the notes on a sample match. (See below) after hitting save in this window it saves and takes me back to the approve view page.
Are you doing this in the Approve/View page?
Is the match you are working on a cloned match? If so was the original that was cloned more than 60 days old?

Yes, the match was cloned. Yes, the original match was over 60 days ago. I have been cloning the previous year’s match for sectional, area and major multigun matches for years - at least since 2016. Have never had this problem before. I just finished the 2023 SC Sectional (cloned from the 2022 match) and the notes function worked as expected.

edit: I left this up after our phone call to help others that might read it.
I understand you have been cloning matches and it has been working.
If it’s an internal issue with the match I would guess this.
It is just a matter of time that it doesn’t. This is exactly why we do not recommend not cloning and using a fresh match build. Especially for major size matches.
The difference in creating a new match is just over a minute of creation time. Why take a chance?
It is not possible to fix these kind of problems on existing matches.

Notes in the approve/view match section is repaired and working correctly for all admin types…