Not sure how to sync scores from Android tablets to iOS Master

I have a iPhone that I used as the master and was able to sync the match setup (cof, squads, etc) to our scoring tablets.

Unfortunately, and despite reading the threads, I cannot figure out how to sync the scores back the iPhone.

Here is a screenshot from the iPhone “master” (for what it’s worth I’m not sure if there is something I was supposed to do to designate it as such)

Tablet screenshot in reply since new users can only embed one image in a post.

Both devices were connected to the same network at the time of the pictures.

Can someone please provide some guidance on how to sync the scores from tablet to iPhone?


Scoring tablet screenshot

Make sure the date and times are the same in the master and the scoring tablets. I have had better luck pulling scores using the sync code instead of whatever process the tablet/Practiscore goes through to display in the Sync screen. Also I have had success on the score tablets going out of practiscore and then start PS again to re-connect the wifi bits to the practiscore bits. I am using all android now although I used a big apple tablet for a while.
Short version; when you see ‘not connected’ restart PS on the score tablet for sure and if that doesn’t do it then the master. Pull using the sync code after connected. Good luck

The Apple and Android PS apps are done by different teams. I went all android because I felt that would eliminate some problems.
It’s important to remember that Nifty bytes is a working software house and practiscore was/is a side project to benefit the shooting community. I am immensely grateful to The Nifty Bytes team for making this software. My life improved hugely when my wife and I no longer spend 4-6 hours compiling 80 shooters for 8 stages of score sheets every two weeks.
I will take PS any and every day.

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Can you tell us what Club you are a MD or Admin of so we can more accurately help out.
If you are having NRL22 issues you can contact @Levi_Sanderson as he is the NRL22 in house expert.
Lastly, what network are you using to try and sync off of?

Hi @James_Nierodzik ,
You’ll need to sync your iphone master to your android so they read each other and then sync your android back to your iphone. I do this with my weekly and monthly matches using an iPad or iPhone.

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