Not showing all my past events

I can’t see more than 9 of my past events and I have used practice score since 2016 and have a lot more. I want to look at how many I have done the last two years but only 9 show up on my dashboard and nothing I do shows more.

If any of your past matches were registered under a different email OR the match director did not include your email in registration or the match file, then any of those match will not track to your account.
If you know of a couple matches that these conditions ARE met and you do not see them please share the names with us and we can look into it.


Thank you. That explains it. I did change my email in PracticeScore around that same time.

So now do this. Login to your account and go into settings. There is a option to add additional emails. Add your old email in that area and after the system resets you should start seeing all your old scores also. :+1:t2:

Done. Thank you very much.

I added the old email in the additional email and have waited and checked but my old results are not showing. My current email that is primary is ivanDOTliechtyATSYMBOLTHINGYgmailDOTcom but my old one was iliechtyATSYMBOLTHINGYhotmailDOTcom.

If they can’t be on my dashboard again that is ok but would be nice to see how far I’ve come.


Hi Ivan,
Would you mind sharing your exact emails with us please?

Yes… just used the capatilized stuff to avoid bots but here it is:

Current email : [email protected]
Old email : [email protected]

Those are the only two email addresses I have used when using PracticeScore.

Thank you!

I would like to bring this back up.

I do not see my original matches from when I first started using PracticeScore in 2016. At that time I used my hotmail account except for one in 2016 and one in 2018 (my first ever match in PracticeScore was on 9/24/2016 at Pinetucky Gun Club and it does not show)

In 2021 I switched my email to my current gmail account and it has only kept the 2016 and 2018 match and all 2021 matches from that point forward.

[email protected] (current)
[email protected] (old)

I have added my old hotmail account and my gmail account as alternate emails. I set my hotmail as my primary, logged out and logged in with my hotmail and it has the same matches as my gmail did. I then logged back in with my gmail and set it back as the primary.

I’m missing about 60 or 70 matches.

It really isn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme so I’m not frustrated or upset or even miffed. Just curious if it is possible to get those back in my profile? If not please let me know they are gone forever and to suck it up :slight_smile: but if they can be restored that would be great.

Thank you

There are numerous reasons why matches do not follow after a email change.
It could be How you registered, It could be if you walked up the day of, many different things.

Can you look up the matches that are not showing in your Past section? Are they all registered with your old email?
Can you share a disappeared match link with me so we can take a look at it.

Here are two that I registered with [email protected] that are not showing up in my Dashboard. I have not done any USPSA match that I have not signed up on PracticeScore first.

Name is Ivan Liechty

There are about 60 or so others not showing. I have done about 120+ classifiers (3 or 4 being all classifier matches) that are in the USPSA classification record but only 38 matches showing in Practicescore which are only ones I used my current email for.

I appreciate you looking into this.