Not showing all my past events

I can’t see more than 9 of my past events and I have used practice score since 2016 and have a lot more. I want to look at how many I have done the last two years but only 9 show up on my dashboard and nothing I do shows more.

If any of your past matches were registered under a different email OR the match director did not include your email in registration or the match file, then any of those match will not track to your account.
If you know of a couple matches that these conditions ARE met and you do not see them please share the names with us and we can look into it.


Thank you. That explains it. I did change my email in PracticeScore around that same time.

So now do this. Login to your account and go into settings. There is a option to add additional emails. Add your old email in that area and after the system resets you should start seeing all your old scores also. :+1:t2:

Done. Thank you very much.