Not Receiving Emails

I created an account on Practiscore and signed up for a match. I have my email correct in the system, but i don’t seem to be receiving emails, including any email to pay for the match i signed up for or confirmation that i am signed up. The match does show up on my dashboard and i’m listed in the squadding still. Just want to make sure i get my payment submitted in time so i don’t get booted or something like that. Maybe this is normal, just want to make sure i’m squared away for the match.

Hi Chris!
If your club has payment set up on registration, you won’t receive a payment email since you’ve paid when you registered.
However, if you did not receive an email confirming your registration, make sure to check your spam/junk box! Some email providers mark Practiscore as spam.
If the emails aren’t in your spam box, please let me know, and I’ll look into it!

Hi Madison!
Thanks for your quick response. I just double checked my spam folder and the “All Mail” folder too, and don’t have anything confirming my registration. I’m not part of a club. My friend told me about the match so i registered with USPSA and then signed up for the match. On the website it says my registration email will tell me how to pay, so i’m thinking i just need to figure out how to get that email.

Could you send a link to the match in question to [email protected]? I’d like to have a quick look at how it is set up, so I can figure out the issue.

This was on the MD’s side, they did not have match emails enabled.