Not getting admin emails

I am not getting the email notifications when someone signs up for a match, edits registrations, withdraws, etc. I have Hotmail and it worked perfectly. Sometime last year all the emails started going to junk mail which I would check regularly and mark as safe. Now I get nothing. I have added practiscore to the safe list, checked practiscore settings and no change.

What else do I need to do?


Can you either post a link to your club here, or send it to me at [email protected]? I’d like to check your match settings, as this usually happens when match emails are accidentally turned off.

Hi Aaron,
Unfortunately Hotmail is one of the most troublesome email systems for admins to use with us. What is happening to you has happened many times and there is really not a good fix for it. If you send Madison your info she can check into it but what we find is that all the match emails are going Out to the admin. It’s just the Hotmail system that is misdirecting or spamming them and it doesn’t seem to really matter what the user (you) does with the settings.
The best fix is usually a different email provider. Most admins go to gmail as it has always worked flawlessly.
Get Madison your info and let her check it out then go from there.

Sending email.

Figured it was Hotmail, but I have had the dumb account since 1998. I will use my gmail if needed. We’ll see what Madison finds.

Just checked it out, and it does seem to be an issue with Hotmail, like DJ said. Everything on your club is set up correctly, so it would be best to change email providers.

Madison, I changed to a Gmail and I am still not getting emails. Can you check to see if I got it correct? email is ajg338 at gmail.

You had to go into the actual match registration and change it on any existing matches…
I fixed if for you…
Here is how it was…

Now I feel dumb, thanks for the help. I clearly need it. HAHA

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