Noob - Can't load match export file from local storage

Looked at the tutorials and searched the discussions but didn’t find a solution.

When I tap “Load match export file…” it says “You have denied permission to access local Storage on your device…”, I open permissions but only Location is shown, when I tap the three dots at the top right “other app capabilities” comes up but there’s nothing to allow access to local storage.

I have downloaded the .psc file from the IPSC Ontario website (it’s not posted to Practiscore) and I see it in My Files under downloads on my Samsung S7. If I bypass the initial “denied permission…” notice with OK, I can see a bunch of files when I tap the top file icon but there’s no download folder and all the others won’t let me open them anyway. Help!

@Terry_Keeley perhaps you should ask the IPSC Ontario how to use file they providet to you…

Either that or next time you see me - ask me. :roll_eyes:

Oh, I thought it was my just ignorance but now I see it’s “complicated”.

I’ll check with you next time, thanks for the reply.

It is not complicated, but it is device-specific and we aren’t looking over your shoulder to see what exactly you are doing.

I found a workaround as mentioned in the notes below the “Load match export file…”, I shared the file from my download folder to the app and wala, there it was.
I got the LD Player so I can look at it on my desktop, now I just havta figure out why the matches on my phone don’t all show up in the Player.
Nice App BTW, dunno why it took me so long to get it.

@Terry_Keeley see what I meant about “not looking over your shoulder”… You aren’t even talking about the PractiScore app you tagged in your post.

Oh crap, wrong board, I am asking about your PractiScore Competitor app.

Anyway, found a solution for now but maybe I’ll show you what I’m talking about next time I see you.

The real question is why don’t all clubs just post the results to the main PractiScore site? So we can have a more detailed look at the results?

That is a rhetorical question. And again, you are asking it at the wrong place.

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