Non-shooting Event registration lists don't match

Registered Participant list on the Event Dashboard accessed from the Club Dashboard is different from the Registered Participant list when the Event Dashboard is accessed using the direct link in the drop down. AFAIK, the former is the correct/current list. The latter includes 2 participants that haven’t registered, (and also were not on the list of the Event that was cloned), as well as 5 approved names in the “Approve” list that should clear out but don’t.

Hi James!
What match(es) is this happening on?

It was a non-shooting Event, not a Match. The Event was December 4th.

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Misread, I apologize.

What was the event name? Can you please send a link to the club that it was affiliated with?

“West Houston Shooters Club Annual Meeting”. Here’s the registration link from an email announcement: - that’s all I have because I see the event is not showing up in the completed events list.

West Houston Shooters Club:

Looking at the Event this morning I see no registered shooters? Have you redone the event?
The thing I see in you comments is the word “Clone”.
Cloning any Event or Match is possible but we recommend it is only done 1 or 2 months out. When the web site is updated we find that cloned matches do no always work correctly.
I also notice that you have “templates” in you match list. If you are using it again and again it will eventually cause you all sorts of trouble.
Take a look at this tutorial. I feel an extra minute or two to create a new match is worth the time.

DJ, The 12/4 Event occurred as planned. I don’t see the 12/4 Event in the Event History list that’s accessible to me. I don’t know where it went, or why it’s not there. There were, IIRC, 9 people registered (10 attended). It was cloned from the 2/6/21 Event, on or about 11/10/21 - about 24 or 25 days days prior. Had the difference in the registration lists appeared as registrants carried over somehow from the cloned event, I would have chalked it up to a system limitation, and likely not troubled you with a report - but I found it odd the 2 shooters shown as registered on the drop down menu (shortcut) version hadn’t been registered in the original Event either, and neither had even been sent the private registration link. Since the Event isn’t showing in History, it does appear something was integrally wrong from the start, even though the Event features appeared to function as designed when accessed thru our main dashboard calendar. We appreciate the heck out of Pscore. I’m not complaining one little bit. This was just odd enough that I thought you should hear about it.

For Matches, I don’t clone from the those templates - that used to be the SOP - but now we only keep the templates around for the reference descriptions in case one of the primary admins gets hit by a bus. I do clone the Weekly, and Monthly Matches, but I do it successively from each preceding Match, not the same one - that may be the same thing in your world, but I’m not that smart, and I’m not aware of any issues to date. I do this bcz: 1) even though I only do a month or two of them in advance, scrolling thru the yearly calendar to the current month each time to select dates for a new creation is a PIA for a recurring match, (and the pop up calendar jumps around the page depending on the month so the cursor has to chase it) it may be lazy, but it’s much more accurate for me to keep track than referring to a separate calendar and typing in each date, each time - and I don’t have to re-select all the clocks for a recurring match; 2) Re-entering the text description sections each time is also a PIA waste of time - even using cut and paste shortcuts; 3) Body text is required by the system for each type of entry auto email reply - even though we don’t need or use them all - this step is bypassed when using a clone. I agree your tutorial regarding the disadvantage of cloning when creating a truly new match. But we’re running the same match over and over again - I would say cloning those takes me under a minute on average, but that’s only bcz I’m slow and easily distracted.

Let me try to go through your reply.

  1. Events/Matches don’t disappear unless they are deleted. Often Events get hidden under a grouping situation and are hard to find. Being that you cloned it from a old event I totally would have expected issues with it. Having different shooters showing up in different Event views is one of the many symptoms.
  2. Cloning Matches more than 2 months out from one match is the limit of what we ask Admins do. Beyond that we see issues with some functions of matches operating properly. Base on your description we would ask that you create a new match to use/clone from every two months.
    Cloning again and again from a preceding match is exactly the same as cloning from a match that is 12 months old.
  3. Creating a new match is not difficult nor time consuming. The most efficient way is to use a desktop or laptop. Mobile devices work but they are not fast.
    Any text boxes that you need to copy and paste will work fine from an old match.
    It really is easy and take very few minutes.

If you want to continue to create matches the way you have been, you may.
IF issues happen the first thing we, in support, will ask is if it from a cloned Event/Match. The question is answered yes over 90% of the time things are just not working correctly. The end result is the match/event is not really fixable without creating a “new” match.


Welpers, using our Club dashboard, on my 24" monitor, I only see 8 Events in the “All” events tab (set to show up to 10). Seven are completed, and 7 show in the “Completed” tab. The 12/4/21 Event in reference is not there, and I assure you it was not deleted by us. Are you saying “…hidden under a grouping situation…hard to find” is a result of a cloning glitch, or not being able to find them is “…often…” user error?

Since it’s already our stated practice, and until,advised otherwise, we will continue to observe a 60 day limit for Cloning Matches, and will not Clone Events, nor create any new Events greater than 60 days in advance.

I use mobile devices for Pscore admin functions only as a last resort - canceling matches and emailing the notices to shooters when I can’t reach a desktop in a timely manner.

Unfortunate that some of the features don’t work as one would logically expect (and users have to find out by experience) but it’s free, and light years ahead of the alternatives. No it is not difficult to create a new match for the same day of the week, every week of the year, with the exact same details except date. But having to do so is tedious if not time consuming.


I’m sorry you feel that creating matches is tedious and time consuming. We do it all the time, it’s kind of what MD’s have signed up to do.
As far as your “lost” 12/4 Annual Meeting. You have Two of them.
One has no sign ups and the other has 8.
Please see the screen captures I have created for you.
As far as your original question about different views. I cannot replicate what your computer/laptop/phone was seeing but I imagine your different views were probably a cache issue in your devices.

Thank you D.J. I had not made the connection between your earlier "grouped’ reference and the ungroup button. I see the system decided they were “recurring” by virtue of them being cloned - I get it now. The empty one is the result of me initially using the wrong name. Since I have learned that edits to titles don’t edit in the original link, I deleted it (I swear) and started over. Anyway, thank you again for providing clarity.

For the record, I realize you guys have to wade through many emails, as such, I believe you may have missed in the reading that what I lamented as tedious is not creating matches, but rather, not being able to reliably use the cloning feature to create 52 consecutive matches - identical but for date - more than a hand full at a time. The very reason - according to your own statement - that the cloning feature was created. Frankly I don’t really care to create more than a month or two at a time, but I see the cloning function can still have issues within that limit. Even the best systems have limitations, I recognize that working within them is on me, it is indeed part & parcel of what I “signed up for”. But because I volunteer for the job, doesn’t make my time and effort to execute or streamline it less valid or valuable.