No Practiscore Account


I’m running an Open match in August which is registered on Practiscore. We have a husband and wife that shoot at our club and the husband, who has a Practiscore account and shoots external matches , is overseas. The wife, who doesn’t shoot external matches and doesn’t have a Practiscore account (not particularly computer literate) would like to shoot our Open but obviously can’t register herself. Is there any way I can add her to the match?

Just add her to the match and use his email.
They can register through his account online Just change her name and gun and everything and keep his email the same.

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If you are good with Excel. You can create a spreadsheet and save the data as a .CSV file.
Under your match, click the Import Shooters button. That will bring up a page with all of the fields that you need to have in your spreadsheet.


How do you Import a .CSV file to an Ipad. I can’t seem to find an import button on the Ipad?


Sorry, I was giving directions to import the CSV file to to register a shooter.