New user unable to get Payment link for Match from MD

Hi guys,

I just registed on Practiscore and signed up for a match under IPSC BC but the MD says he cannot see me registered under Practiscore so he cant send any registration and payment link out to me. I am unable to see the payment link or any emails under my dashbox or inbox. Please asist!
Thank you!

What club name is the match under?

Hi there Steph,

KTSA - Kamloops Target Shooting Asso is the name.
The MD did it manually and the link showed up but we would like to know for future matches if there is a bug or is it a profile problem?

thanks for looking into it.

You should have the MD contact us at [email protected] if he is interested in reviewing the situation.


Ok i will let him know to contact your support email. He seems to have sorted this out manually for me for this match. Thank you for coming back to me :slight_smile: Have a good one. Eric