New templates of the national shooting competition in the Czech Republic

Good day,
I have a question about the possibility of creating and including in standard templates the Czech National Shooting Competition. This competition is called LOS - People’s Defensive Shooting. It is a combination of IPSC and IDPA rules.
The Czech national competition has approximately tens of thousands of shooters.
A bonus for us would be if we could create a central server with shooters. With regard to Czech legislation, the personal data of these shooters must be in the Czech Republic.
What can I do to:

  1. created a central server for competitions and shooters
  2. create a competition template including ratings?
    Thank you for answering or helping with the intensive use of your application.
    Miroslav Starcevic
    Czech Republic

Hello Miroslav,
I will put your thoughts on the schedule to discuss at our weekly meetings and get back to you.

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Thank you for dealing with my request.
Miroslav Starčevič

Do you have a ruleset in English we can look at???


Hi D. J. Give me about 5-10 days to gather the documents including their translations. I am pleasantly surprised by your speed to solve our request. I’ll be in touch. Thank you very much again.

Hi D.J.
I have prepared at least basic information on the rules.
please let me know if this initial information will suffice.

Weapons Division

Semiautomatic shotgun (BSA)

Bolt action shotgun (BOP)

Shotguns others (BOS)

Semiautomatic rifle (PSA)

Personal Defense Weapon (PDW)

Bolt action rifle (POP)

Pistols (Pi)

Small pistol (MPi)

Revolver (Re)

Small revolver (MRe)


Paper target – zones A, C, D

Metal target


Rated penalties

Paper targets 2 scored hits

Every hit in paper target:

zone A (alpha) + 0 sec.

zone C (charlie) + 1sec.

zone D (delta) + 2sec.

Missing hit in the paper target (miss-target) + 5 sec. for each scored hit

Missing (standing) metal target (miss-popper) +10 sec.

Non-target hit +10 sec. for each target

wrong procedure + 3 sec. for each scored hit

Incomplete situation - 0%

DQ - disqualification - 0% of the whole competition

Cmpetitor ’s time on situation

The scoring on each situationa using a single system

measured time of the competitor (T) plus all penalties in situation (TP) - equals the total time of the situation (TC)


for example:

measured time of the competitor T=12,95s

penalties in situation:

2xC zone = 2x1s = 2s

3xD zone = 3x2s = 6s

1 Non-target= 1x10s = 10s

TP = 2+6+10= 18s

the total time of the situation – TC = T+TP = 12,95+18=30,95s

Scoring competitors on one situation

In each situation, the TC of the fastest shooter in the given situation is marked as a reference and is assigned 100%.

The percentages of all other shooters are then given by the formula

% - 100 x (TC of the winner of the situation / TC of the given shooter).

for example:

Competitor 1 - TC 19,25

Competitor 2 - TC 10,55 – winner of situations

Competitor 3 - TC 20,00


Competitor 1 - TC 19,25 is 100x (10,55/19,25) = 54,80% (2nd position)

Competitor 2 - TC 10,55 = 100% (1st position)

Competitor 3 - TC 20,00 is 100x (10,55/20,00) = 52,75% (3th position)

Scoring competitors on competition

At the end of the competition, the percentages of the individual situations of all competitors are added up and the shooter with the highest number of achieved percentages wins.

For the purposes of evaluating the race, the winner’s result is further divided by a coefficient such that the winner has 100%, and the results of all others are divided by the same coefficient

for example: 3 situations – total percentage

Competitor 1 - 54,80% + 68,35% + 72,41% = 195,56%

Competitor 2 – 100% + 89,85% + 90,56% = 280,41%

Competitor 3 - 52,75% + 35,47% + 47,85% = 136,07%

Recalculated percentage

Competitor 1 - TC 195,56% is 100x (195,56/280,41) = 69,74% (2nd position)

Competitor 2 - TC 280,41% = 100% (1st position)

Competitor 3 - TC 136,07% is 100x (136,07/280,41) = 48,53% (3th position)

Category of shooters:

Junior - to 20.99 years

Regular - from 21 to 49.99 years

Senior - from 50 - 60 years

Super senior - over 60 years

Women - regardless of age

Types of competitions:

Standard exercise - 1 situation, the shooter can repeat it several times

Club race - (Level 1) - at least 4 situations

Cup race - (Level 2) - at least 4 situations

Championship - (Level 3) - at least 6 situations

From what I am reading this is the existing Time plus Points scoring type…
All you need to do is build your specific penalties.


D. J.
In Time Plus size I can define penalties, but I can’t define the number of paper targets, pop, Non targets in individual situations. Like in the IPSC template, for example.

The goal is to have a comprehensive solution created for the entire competition.

I will need the data on participants in your sport.
Please email me that info at [email protected].