New Match Type for the Tactical Games

I was wondering how difficult it would be to add a match type for the Tactical Games events, or more specifically, a way to enter stage times in minutes and seconds for a Time Plus (Points) style match.

So far, TG events been scored on Practiscore as Time Plus (Points) matches with a few standard penalties/bonuses and others, like misses, that vary in magnitude depending on the stage (to balance shooting and physical elements). Since the times are measured by stopwatch (often at a finish line that has to be crossed), and usually in the 5-20 minute range, scorekeepers have then had to convert those times to seconds (on a paper score sheet) before entering them into Practiscore. Unsurprisingly, that’s been the source of a lot of problems over the course of an event with 150+ competitors. Just having a version of the generic Time Plus (Points) match with that minutes and seconds time capability would be enough to get away from that and start entering scores in real time.

The Tactical Games is a pretty new sport (started in 2018), but is now on track to hold 9 major matches across the country this year (despite some COVID-related cancellations), and there are now 7 club-level affiliates signed up to run regular matches, so it’s growing pretty quickly.

Thanks! My club and I really appreciate all the work you put into improving Practiscore.

Hi Ben!

It will be some time before new features are implemented due to our web and app developer’s other projects, but this may be something we can implement. Perhaps @D.J.Petrou has some ideas to make it easier in the meantime?

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A minutes/seconds thing might be doable.
I’ll talk to the developers and see how difficult it might be.


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Hi Ben,

In the interim, have you considered using a seconds-only stopwatch app for a smartphone? That would enable you to enter scores in real time without having to use paper.

Here’s one for Android:

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Hey Brian,

Thanks, that’s a really simple solution that would at least work for stages where everyone in a heat starts the stage at the same time.

The match is kind of weird in that usually 5 or more competitors run each stage simultaneously (to get through them in a day despite the long stage times), and usually we try to set it up so each has their own lane and shooting position, so they don’t stack up anywhere. Some of the stages don’t quite work out that way though, so the ROs are staggering starts and running up to 5 separate handheld stop watches at once (though recording start times and end times for a single timer works too). That would be a pain to do on a phone, but now I’m curious if anyone makes handheld stop watches that read seconds only.


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That sounds more and more like run and gun in ios app where they recording start and stop times instead of duration.

Run and gun has one start and stop time. this has a time recorded for every event/stage/etc.
We put together the scoring with Tim Burke, the owner, last year. If seconds only stop watches are available that would solve everything…or the phone.