New match registration approvals

New registrations for my match are receiving this notice after registration.
“You will be notified when you’re approved to squad”.
I have the match set to,
Allow squadding after registering – No approval or payment required.

The newly registered shooter can still scroll down past this message and pick their desired squad with no issue but some just leave after reading the incorrect message.

The first question always asked is “is this a clone” and the answer is yes but as a trouble shooting step I created a new match from scratch all set the same and it has the same behavior.

The matches are created under the “Texas Steel Challenge” club name.

Is anyone else having this issue?

The wording has been like this forever and is not specific to the match set up.
We never really hear that it is a problem.
We will be changing the wording to something like “look at this page for payment, squadding, …”