New march will not show up on calendar of events

I have created a new club, Brocks Gap 500 YD Benchrest match and created an October Match.
When I look on my dashboard, everything looks ok and the match shows open for registration but when I look at Matches, it does not show up on the calendar, even if I specifically search club name Brocks Gap.
Any help would be appreciate.

Thanks, Mark

You need to make the address exactly the same as what google maps uses. The system uses googles geo locator.
My big question is why are you creating a new club when you are using the same email as the 22 Sniper club? You can host any match name through that existing club. If you need to make a standalone club wouldn’t you wan to use a standalone email?

The current setup has no valid address so the match will not search out.

DJ, thanks for the assistance. I am the Match Director for two separate matches. 22 Sniper match and our 500 yd Benchrest match.

Rather than my personal email or create a new one, I simply set up the 500 yd Benchrest to go to my existing 22 Sniper mail box.

Thanks again for the help.
Regards, Mark