New classifiers

I was wondering when or how soon that the new USPSA “20” series classifiers will be added to Practiscore in the build stages, classifier section? Thank You

The site never had classifier section but apps have them added already.

My tablet is a samsung 8 inch maybe a couple years old, the practiscore version 1.6.51.
When I am building stages for my match and want to add a classifier, there are 3 choices at the bottom of the tablet, add stage, add classifier and add chrono. When I use the box marked add classifier it starts with 19-01 hi jinx and goes all the way to include ipsc c-73. With that said I can not see any of the new ones like 20-01, 20-02, and 20-03

@mark_chapman please see this

My tablet is a samsung model SM-T350 android version 5.0.2 I have no idea if this is current enough as to what your facebook post says I thought 4.2+ so I would think 5.0.2 is newer. when I go to google play store it doesn’t show an update, it stays on 1.6.51 NOT 1.7.0

@mark_chapman have you read the post I linked in the above response?