Network name shows IP address instead of wifi name

ios 14.6 practiscore v 1.737 (7)
I use this as the master pad. about 2 or 3 months back, the wifi name area started showing the IP address instead of the name. Is this something that others have experienced or found a cure for?
At the range the clubhouse router name is all caps, the bays that can’t access the clubhouse we use an old router with no internet (12v), name is same but all lowercase. Been running like this since 2012 without a problem.

Are you saying that the settings for the tablet in the Wi-Fi area is not showing the name of the network anymore?
If that is the case I would have to look at the operating system for ios. Ever since they started changing to the more recent operating systems a lot of strange things have been happening. If this in fact is something else please let us know.

Yes. Bottom right corner. It always showed the name of whatever wifi I was hooked up to. Now it is listing the IP: 192.168.. in the same area. I guess going into the Operating system for ios would take some coaching. Thanks for your reply

The network in the bottom corner of the tablet just shows what you are connected to.
It does not actually determine your connection. I would suggest looking in your tablets settings screen and looking at what your wifi is doing to begin trouble shooting.

FYI. One of iOS system updates changed requirements for the apps in order to get access to the currently connected wifi network name. Because it became not feasible to fulfill these new requirements the iOS app now falls back to showing ip address when it can’t get the name.

Thanks, EK,

I had just done some comparisons between the Ipad and a Fire tablet. Kind of a follow-up from D.J. Petrou’s reply. I have 4 connections set up at home. 2 on the modem and 2 on a separate router. You could always see at a glance which one you were connected to on the Fire (and that is the way the Ipad used to be). The Ipad just changed the IP: address.
That SUCKS ON APPLE’S PART. From a scorekeeper since the days of paper score sheets era’s perspective, that was my favorite tool for gathering scores and completing a match.

Regards to both of you, for your replies.

Dale Hayen

@Dale_Hayen to give you some context, they did it mainly to guard against bad apps that want to track your location, which can be somewhat derived from the ssid network names. It is still might be possible to get access to ssid name, but the app will have to request user permission to access device location.

Android app does that, even so users complained about location permission being requested. Though permission is optional there, but the wifi sync is affected if app doesn’t have that permission.

Thank you for putting it in perspective.