Need info on how to transfer practiscore data from old device to new device

I have an old samsung tablet running practiscore. I just purchased a new samsung tablet that I would like to transfer names, match resultes, etc. to the new samsung that has a fresh install of practiscore on it.


Currently you can either export individual matches and then import them to a new device. Another option is to use sync to pul individual matches to your new device.

There is no way to export the name database? The only thing you can do is pull one match over at a time?

Is there an option to backup to the cloud? Can the data be exported as a csv and imported to a new device?

@Jerry_Ogburn there isn’t really a “name database”… However when you sync or import your matches the app will automatically update local competitor’s info on a given device.

You can also create a match series from your matches on your old device (for the same match type) and then use export registration to get a CSV file with competitors info (which you would have to import to another match) or simply sync or import that match on your new device.