Native browser launched after approving score

Symptoms observed:
After approving scores on the Amazon Fire tablet, a native browser is launched.

The work around is manually switching back to Practiscore.

Things I have done to troubleshoot:
The match director told me the tablet had the score printer connected before. I have turned off Bluetooth in the Android settings but it does not resolve the problem.

What else should I look at?

You may have to go back and edit the match and uncheck the share/print on approve results box. You can get to that from the main screen in Practiscore and press change in the upper right corner and then using the three dots to the right of the match, edit the match.


Thank you, I will give that a try on my next match.

Also, note which app is launched by default when you share scores. Then go to the system settings, find that app (or use app switcher to navigate to the app settings) and clear the “open by defaults” in the app system settings.

Thank you all who replied.