Names of shooters available to anybody?

Hello team,
I might be over thinking this, but is it not a bit strange that i can go and look at the people competing in any competition/match around the world and see a full list of names just by having a free Practiscore account?

If i was a criminal, i’d probably use that information to go and find some homes to break into, and potentially get myself some free firearms.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the squad lists restricted (not visible) to people until they’ve entered and paid the match entry fee?

Surely having lists of firearm owners, a lot with unique surnames that are likely easier to find than your average John Smith kind of name, as publicly available information for anyone that wants to go looking for it is a bad idea?


I think you’re overthinking this a little too much.

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@E.R.Will there are several options available to MDs who want to protect identity of their competitors when posting match results

  • The match results can be posted as hidden. I.e. they won’t show up in the search results and can only be accessible using direct link. MD will have to share that link with competitors

  • The match can be posted with a password. Then competitors will have to provide a password in order to see the match results