Myself as Club Mgmt ID vs. Registration ID - Best Practices

Would it be best to use a one login solely for club management and another login for the matches that I register to shoot?

Hi Allan!
If you are more comfortable with having multiple accounts, then you can! But it is not better or worse, as your club’s matches are not in the same area as the matches you have registered for :slight_smile:

Madison is totally correct. It really doesn’t matter but consider these situations.

We, at Practiscore, shoot and manage things here. We have multiple accounts.
I, for example, have [email protected] account. I use that for anything work related.( like right now)

I also have my original PS shooter account using a Comcast email. Here I register for matches and it tracks my results. But I Also own or am admin to a few clubs using this account.
IF you are the person who owns a club then it really should be connected to your primary account. As Madison said there is no reason not to as admin and shooting things are separate.
Personally I have forgotten and registered for matches using my work account and then have to go thru the trouble of fixing it. :roll_eyes:

Having two accounts just really creates more opportunity to cross things up.
Either way works.
It’s your choice. :+1:t2: