My recent events total not accurate

In my “Recent Events” My “View All” only shows 333 matches no mater if I select show all matches or not. It looks like I see about 55 matches missing from my very beginning of my list starting from 2014 or when Practiscore was started when I scroll all the way down. Even checking those manually doesn’t change the total count which should around 388 matches or so

Hey Ross,
First, FYI I deleted your duplicate post about this issue.
We will be looking at what is causing it to happen. Occasionally a person will loose some matches in their dashboard, although they can still go look at the results.
I am guessing you can still search a missing match and look at it if you want?
Are you noticing it is a group of matches with maybe a date range? or maybe they are connected to a certain Range or Club?
Anything that might help us narrow it down is good.