My matches are not showing up under my own dashboard. Please help

We have a practice group and have been using practice to keep track of our progress.

However, the last 3 scores are not showing up under our dashboards, even though they are listed under our club.

The matches are:
ASG Practice - Jan 13, 2024
ASG Practice - Feb 10, 2024
ASG Practice - Feb 17, 2024 (1)

I’ve checked to make sure my own email [email protected] is correct, and all participants registered online before and I used the PIN code to download the participants. Please help. Thank you!

Some generic match following info.

Having your matches track to your dashboard is not a guarantee. The link can be broken by the match director doing a few things before posting of the match. One of these main things is cloning of matches. It can also happen if you did not register online and registered at the match, if your email was not done correctly it will not link. If matches were posted multiple times the link my get broken.If changes were made to the orig match it may not track. It works most of the time but it’s not guaranteed to work every single time in every single situation.
Luckily, you can always use the search function under the scores tab to find your match results.

My first main question is, “Are these cloned”???

I also have the same issue, i have competed in 4 or 5 matches now, IPSC no is 8984, if i search ssaa innisfail my scores are listed by individual event, but nothing shows in my profile, and i guess that is why nothing shows up in my account at IPSC Australia also. What do i need to do to get my shooter card to relect my shoot history?

Tracking is all handled by the email you use for your PS account.
If the match does not have your correct email in the master tablet it will not track. You can contact the Match director and he can look into it on his master tablet. Correct the email and repost the results. It is still not a guarantee that everything will show on your dashboard.
What most serious shooters do is get the Practiscore Competitor app to track their performance over time.

Hi D.J.,

Thank you for your response! Yes, you are correct, the matches are indeed cloned from previous matches. Since this is a practice group, we often end up running many of the same drills week after week to track our own levels of improvement and progress. Thus, cloning seemed to make the most sense.

Is there any easy way to make this easier for us?

Thank you!

We don’t recommend using a cloned match for more than 60 days and then creating a new one.