My club and match I created is not showing

I created a club and a match and they do not show up when searching in the area. If I type the club name in specific the club and match show. When hovering on the map it shows the clubs and matches in the area. Not sure what I did wrong but need to fix it quickly.

Please post the match link.

It’s important that you use the exact address that Google will give as this is a Google geolocator system.
When I start typing your address to Google this is what I get. Your city was not spelled correctly. I changed it and then this is what I get when I search from a Texas area.

When I search the area on the map it shows other clubs and matches, mine is still not showing.

This is others in the same area.

You should probably go into your match setup page and change the address. I corrected your club address but I bet your match has the incorrect address. In which case the system doesn’t know you are in Fulshear. Also, when that is fixed you will have to scroll through all the matches from now to May which is many.
You are trying to search with no match names. Even with the incorrect address if you type in part of the name you get the match.

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