Multiple old links for same club

I recently took over as USPSA match director for Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s club. I wanted to use Practiscore for registration for this week’s match. I purposely misspelled name of club so I could direct people to the correct one for registration. Is it possible to delete all of the old links and make the new one the only one with the correct spelling? ( Sportsmans to the correct Sportsmen’s)

Rick Trojanowski

When this happens for our club, I try contacting the email address noted on that club page and ask them to delete it. When that doesn’t work, I email [email protected] and explain that the duplicate club author is unreachable or doesn’t know how to delete it, and support is able to manually delete them.

I’ll go to support. I can’t imagine getting these guys to delete these. Lol.
Thank you

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