Multiple Match administration and Admins assigned to each Match

Dear PractiScore team,

I am writing on behalf of Slovenian Practical Shooting Federation. We are currently using Practiscore as the main registration and scoring app throughout all our matches. The app runs smooth and we appreciate the work and congratulate on the great product. However we would like to implement Practiscore even more in our Competition system by our Federation staff.

Our goal:
For the official Match Manager (“SuperAdmin”) to be able to create Matches and registration forms, define registration opens and closing time…(uniform form for all events in current year)
For the Match Directors of the clubs in our region to be able to Manage certain Matches is their organization.

Federation Super Admin creates Matches:
1st Nationals Handgun (adds rights for match administration to MD1)
2nd Nationals Handgun (adds rights for match administration to MD2)
3rd Nationals Handgun (adds rights for match administration to MD3)

MD 1,2 and 3 are only capable to approve shooters to the match and create and edit squading schedules
The “Super Admin” is in charge of Creating a match in general, and also to remove rights from the match directors once the registration closes, (using our uniform match series names and registration form, exporting registrations and matches to Android devices, export match results…

We would like to know if that kind of Administration can be done and if not, how do you suggest that we handle the situation.

We kindly thank you for your reply!

Gregor (IPSC Slovenia)

Having admins with different privileges is not possible at this time. All admins have equal access to the club.
As far as handling the situation I suggest that giving admin rights to only people who are trustworthy and reliable. If you want certain folks to only work on specific matches make sure they understand that.
If you cannot trust people to keep their hands out of other areas of the system or go into matches they shouldn’t then do not make them admins. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Dear Petrou,

Thank you for your Answer. We trust the admins but just don’t want to take chances of getting into trouble by deleting a already scheduled squadding :slight_smile: Maybe in the future you can implement a solution for that to :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.