Multiple emails set as Match Directors

On the registration form, can multiple emails be set for notifications to be sent. It appears that only one Match Director can be notified when shooters register. We have a few matches where the primary MD is not available to run the event, but would like to be notified.

Ron Barbeito

At this time it is only possible for the one listed email in the registration setup to be notified. I will add that to a wish list of things for the future.

Thank you D.J. for everything you and all the developers do. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at PactiScore.


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An easy workaround would be to create a dedicated email account (gmail, hotmail, etc.) for this, then set up multiple auto forwards.

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Thank you Joe that’s an excellent alternative.


Hello. New to this and don’t see where to post a new topic? Very hard to navigate actions? Confused.
But, to the point…
I am Match Director and am not getting the New Shooter Signed Up notification for my matches. Thought it may have been a result of a new computer but my email has not changed.
Another Match Director in our club is also not receiving notification for new shooters in his match.

@Scott_Schomer when you are on the category page, there is a round blue “+” button at the bottom right corner of screen. That’s the one to post a new topic

Hi @Scott_Schomer,
Please email us at [email protected] with the Club name and email address that should be connected to the matches. PS is setup to only have one email address for match registration notifications.