Multiple club md for different matches

How can our club have multiple MD and profiles to create and manage different matches. I run IPSC and some else runs Outlaw 22 but we need to have different email address

Matches held through a club all use the contact email of the club, as you are aware.
At this time there is no way to designate different email for communication of different match types.
I do not know if you are aware or not but there are Three (3) clubs in Practiscore using a version of “Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club”
What we suggest and what many large clubs us with success is to create a club for each match type. ie. Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club IDPA, Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club PRS, Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club Outlaw Steel.
This will allow you to have different Match Directors and still allow you, if you choose, to use one online payment setup as many clubs are doing.

I would suggest you coordinate and try and get the 3 clubs consolidated or removed if needed. (we can help you with that)