Most targets in a row?

We run a 200yd 22LR rifle golfball match each month. Each shooter has 2 stages of 10 shots each to knock down as many balls as they can. I’ve been setting the match up as PRS or NRL 22 with 2 stages of 10 hit or miss targets worth 1 point each. This works well to determine the shooter with the most hits. Another “winner” is the shooter with the most hits in a row (including across the two stages). Is there a match type that could be used to score hits in a row?

  • Paul

You are using the correct templates of PRS or nrl22. Those are the sanctioning body sports that most fit what you’re doing.
Unfortunately none of those sports track what you are asking for, most hits in a row. I will talk to one of the developers but I don’t think we have anything existing that does that.
D. J.