Modify a match on Practiscore Online

It would be great if you could modify a match on Practiscore online instead of on the tablet and then re-upload.

Too many times I would post scores to Practiscore, then try to upload to USPSA to find out something was wrong. Then I have to go back to the tablet, make the change, then re-upload to Practiscore before trying to submit to USPSA again. It would be great to be able to just make the change on Practiscore’s website instead of the tablet.

Thank you for the suggestion.
The scoring system is run in the apps and it is not possible to change anything relating to the match on the web site. The website is basically tasked with Registration and then Display of results, not scoring a match.
The current system is very simple and most match directors are happy to have this compared to the old days of paper scoring. :roll_eyes:

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Could you provide some specifics on what was wrong?

Usually its USPSA Member numbers not correct or Production/Carry Optics shooters listed as Major.

For the former you could run classification update on the tablet and check for competitors with X class.

For the latter - sort list of shooters by division in the app, then search for “/Maj” in the search field at the top to see competitors with wrong PF. Long tap in the list allows you to select multiple entries and assign PF to all selected entries.


Another “me too” request for this capability.
I need to correct shooter’s USPSA ID but don’t have access to scoring tablets. Having the ability to modify shooter information for historical matches via Practiscore web interface would simplify this issue.

You don’t need access to the scoring tablets. But you need a device (any device) with your full match data in order to make changes to the match. If you don’t want to take any range devices with you, all you need to do is to sync your match with your phone before you leave the range, then you can make these changes on the phone.

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