MMA club comes up will all matches other then MMA Shotgun

Our club is MMA, and we use Practiscore across all our disciplines. When you search MMA on the practiscore score, it comes up with all our matches except MMA SHotgun. You need to type in MMA SH at the very least for it to bring up the match results. Not sure why for shotgun it makes yu type in MMA Sh vs all other match results appear with MMA. Any idea would be great.

I cannot even look up your club as the actual name is not MMA.

The most probable reason you have search issues is because you are using initials and not the actual name of your club. I always suggest to clubs to use the complete name when creating matches or events.
In this computer age having to type out a long name is overtaken by the ability to copy and paste a name. It takes no time and allows everyone, including people not in the inside clique, to find matches to shoot.

Initials are your biggest search problem as the search engine is looking for initials and not names and finds thousands of potential matches of mma and usually pages/times out.

The guarantee fix is to use complete names. Beyond that is just guessing or estimating.