Missing scores when syncing with phone

Need help with missing scores. After the match I sync the my iphone with the ipad we use for scoring so I can email out scores from my phone. But when I view the scores on my phone after syncing there are random missing scores. usually one or two shooters are missing scores for 2 or 3 stages.
i have this issue about 50% of the time no matter what match we are scoring and re syncing does not fix the issue. if i re sync it says it is importing scores but it does not.
Is there a fix for this?

@Jim_Ray to diagnose this issue we need you to email us individual match export files *.psc from your iphone and all scoring tablets at [email protected]

The Export button is located on the main app screen.

If you are talking about your NRL22 match I suggest you get with our expert @Levi_Sanderson and go over how he lets everyone know their match scores. He is the expert and will have all kinds of info for you.