Missing logout tab in Android Phone

I logged into my account using my Andriod phone on the website. The tab to logout of the account is missing. I cannot logout from my phone.

Try going to the person icon and scrolling down a bit to the logout button.

Yes I have done that, the tab is not there.

Please send a screenshot so that I can see what’s going on. What specific phone and browser are you using?

In some cases the web site doesn’t allow to scroll trough that menu if it doesn’t fit on a smaller screen.

@Greg_Pruitt you could try to flip your phone to landscape to see if that helps

I finally got it to scroll down far enough to pull up the tab. I had to turn the phone to landscape and back several times, and it finally showed up. Thanks for the help.

Yay! I’m glad it worked out for you. Have a great day😁

Thanks for the help. I did have to turn the phone to landscape and back several times it finally adjusted and brought up the tab. Some glitch in the screen of the phone I suppose.