Memberships - I can't remove a "Follower" that's requested to be removed

I use Practiscore’s website to get emails out to folks with upcoming events. I have one guy that requested that I stop sending them to him.
I’ve removed him from the list. Today I sent an email out and I got this response back from him…
I have asked you several times to remove me from ANY emails from 17South PSC. I am still getting them. I never signed up for them and will not be attending ANY events at 17SouthPSC. Please honor my request and remove me from any and all of your emails.”

I checked, and he still shows up as a “follower”. I removed him again and when I go back into the membership, select followers, he’s still there.

This has been a great tool, but if I can’t remove this guy, I’ll need to find another method of contacting shooters.


Have you asked him to unfollow the club on his account?

Being a “Follower” is done from the users end not the club’s end.

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