Membership page not functioning properly

Beginning 1/14/21 the Membership page will not allow me to add or make changes to the #hash tag tab for each member. When I try to search by hash tag there is now a drop down list that wasn’t there before. You can’t type a good search because with every key stroke it goes to the key and not a search.
When I try to change or add a hash tag, it doesn’t take a new and it won’t change an existing hash tag. In fact when you make a change and hit the save button nothing happens.
I know it was working the day before because I use it daily this time of year recording new membership fees for the year. i have used this function for the last two years managing our club membership. Our club is Collin County IDPA.

The membership page has been a very good way to manage our membership and i hope we can return all the features that it had.

thanks for your continued support

Larry Harris

Hi Larry!

Thanks for letting us know. Our website developers are currently swamped, but I’ll pass this on to them!

Hi Larry. I’ve had issues with the membership module, including members not being able to make a payment. I ended up creating a membership ‘Match’. I can add custom fields (sub for hashtags) on the registration form. At the end of the year, I just clone the ‘match’ for the following year. Just my 2 cents.

Arnold Chin
Sons of Action Pistol CN26

Arnold, thanks for suggestion, I’m sure there are work arounds, however we have 370 members in the data base and an annual membership of 240 makes it a little more difficult.

The tools like the email reminder to pay dues and the ability to mark cash payments as paid that are currently not working makes it difficult to manage our membership. We do keep a excel spreadsheet as well, but the Practiscore system certainly aids in our membership management.

Again thanks for your suggestion.