Membership list management

There does not appear to be any way to alphabetize or otherwise organize the members list. Nor a way to simply search for a specific member even using the tags option. This leaves the only search option of manually scrolling through hundreds of members searching for one name. I’m no IT guy, but that seems like such a silly problem to have to me. If we try to “view all” members, or view specific sections for the members list (ie; page 11), it throws an error and we are unable to even see the whole list. This makes club management flat out impossible. Has anyone experienced this, or have any solutions? PS has been zero help whatsoever.

Hi Brad,
The Membership list was originally built as a simple way for clubs to charge their club fee thru the stripe payment system.
It is not, nor was it developed as a full functioning member management program. admittedly there have been a few add ons to the system but they were mostly convenience things. (ie. the ability for club members to have automated discounted match fees.)
I’m sorry the system is not working the way you would like… Member management is actually a huge integrated web system if it is done correctly and not what the original intent was on Practiscore.
What we suggest is clubs needing a full functioning system, look toward the software world for a standalone Member Management Program.
Best Regards,
D.J. Petrou
Match and Match Director Integration