Membership list database error

I manage the group for the Nothern Kentucky Straight Shooters ( When trying to navigate to the membership management page, I just get an error page saying “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

I’ve emailed Practiscore Support and haven’t heard from them in 2 days. I have a match next weekend that I need to contact my members about.

The odds are you have a shooters account with bad or missing data.
I can see if there is any immediate available time with the webmaster tomorrow. but the odds are it will take a few days.
Do you not keep a spreadsheet of the membership??? One thing you can do is go back through past matches and combine spreadsheets from them that should give you the active members.

Follow-up to an old topic, but this is still a problem for me. I have a spreadsheet of the membership and use gmail to contact the members, but it’s not convenient. After matches are complete, I have to manually gather email addresses to email the results. I need this email functionality back. I’m OK with a wipe of the membership if I can import from my spreadsheet.

Why are you still emailing results when they are available for everyone to see on the PS website?
If you really want to email everyone who online registered for the match you can email everyone in the approve/view section of the match. it would leave off the walk ons unfortunately.
OR use the spreadsheet from the web site registration.
But really, send everyone to Practiscore for results.

It takes a web developer to fix your membership section and they are currently buried. I will ask again.

I don’t email the results, rather email the list of shooters with the link to the results on th PS site along with the link to registration for the next match. I think that functionality is still working at the match level on the site. What I can’t do is use the email functionality to email the membership about upcoming events and news.

All I really need, I think, is a wipe of the membership. I can re-import the list I have now.