Membership Features


First of all thank you (devs, shooters, the whole team) for making Practiscore. When all the features work, it makes running a match and a club easy and enjoyable. However, I cannot do that anymore. The button to mark as paid does not work. I cannot edit the date manually. I cannot send payment reminders either. I just sent out a test email to my club, pretty sure no one got it.

This makes running a club difficult again for many reasons. How do we offer a discount on matches to our members? Collect membership fees? How do we track membership dues? Unfortunately, there is no longer a simple solution for us. We dont want to collect and track cash at matches along with membership dates and payments… You guys made our lives SO much easier when these features worked.

Part of the problem is probably funding. I urge you guys to work on fixing these membership issues and quickly turn to a pay to play model to keep them working and to get more help.

Practiscore made managing our shooting club MUCH easier to do when those features worked. We would gladly pay a monthly subscription fee to use both the web application and the scoring applications and have everything WORK. I can imagine a ton of other clubs would as well. Lets be honest, right now you guys have the best solution BY FAR. Please keep making it better instead of letting these features slowly break and become unusable…

We are reviewing your club now. Are you aware that you have a bad member file somewhere between #101 and #110? Most likely it has has a special character in the file which cannot be used.

We noticed we couldn’t view page 10 of our membership, might be related?

Any luck on the features I mentioned above?

You had a bad member file in that area. That member had left PS and the file was causing problems with your database. The member has been removed and you should see functionality return.

Thanks for the reply,

When should I see the functionality come back? I just tried to use the features and they are not workng yet. Ill give them a try again tomorrow and let you know.