Membership Discount

I’ve setup my first match on but I cannot seem to get the member discount working. I have it selected on the match settings, but when I attempted to register, it still shows me the full price. What am I missing?

I will look into this today. but I am seeing a new club with only one current member? yourself?

Yea, I was setting up this match to test everything out so I will be ready for our match in January. My club currently has about 100~ paying members with active memberships that I would like to transfer over to from our current membership management service. I just want to be prepared to answer questions that may arise during the first match on, so I was trying to simulate the registration process ahead of time.

All right so lets start with the membership part.
The PS membership system is NOT a full fledged membership mgt. tool.
It was added because a few clubs wanted a way to charge simple membership fees via Stripe. ($20 per year, etc.) The ability to have discounted fees was added and works (mostly). But please don’t expect a full featured membership management tool.
We do not have a way to “transfer” your database into the PS one.

I will look into what is happening for you, fun some simulations and see what we see.


Yea, I wasn’t expecting to find that could totally replace our existing paid full featured membership management software. But it looked like it had enough features that would allow us to avoid having to pay to have software to run our club, and we could take on some manual processes instead.

Thanks for looking into the issue, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Hey, i just want to chime in and add some context to what we’re trying to do.

We have a local membership for our Club that we manage with Wild Apricot (a true membership management tool). They pay annual dues to us, and one of the benefits of that annual membership is a discount on the monthly matches that we’re now going to manage with PS.

So what we want to do is import these members as members of the Practiscore club so that they get that discounted match price at the time they register. The idea is that when they register, they are recognized as a member of our Practiscore club and get the discount.

Hope this helps.

As I said, we do not have a way to Import your members from any other system.
You probably need to have them sign up to the PS member system with no fee. Unfortunately you will have to hand manage it when comparing to your paid system for new or past member’s. No way to add or remove shooters based on the member program you are using

Oh yeah, we know that we can’t import in from our management system, but we’ve gotten used to do importing in with CSV’s.

My club in 2020 was able to give club members a discounted price. I am setting up our first 2021 match and PS is not offering that discount.
Is this something in PS or is something else happening?

Mark Stamper
GPSL club president

Hi @Stan_Mitchem,

If you can export a CSV file from your management system, you can use that CSV to import into the membership management portion of Practiscore.