Members able to pay prior to approval

we noticed that folks can go to their dash board and get the payment link to become a member at a club this seems premature without approval for them to be able to pay. There might be someone we dont want that ends up paying and now we get hit doing a refund. Perhaps there need to be an approval to get that paying option.

Hello! I think it must be the way your club set up their membership. I believe you can go to your membership club settings and change it to get approval from the person running the club when someone wants to join your club. I think that is the problem?

This is probably a thread to watch.

The Web Dept will look at it when they have time available. Currently they are buried in other projects.
Remember the Membership platform was never intended to be a full feature Club Management package. Just a bare bones club list with minor payment options. Maybe one day it can be more but that is quite a ways off.