Automated approval of membership requests

Back in 2018, Bryan Williams (Practiscore) and I spoke about automating (or adding a setting to automate) club member requests because we couldn’t envision a scenario in which we would ever turn someone away from paying to become a member of our club. Practiscore moved on to bigger things and this request probably faded into the abyss of suggestions.

But yesterday something interesting happened. I received a new club membership request from someone who has never been a club member, and before I saw the email to approve them, their club membership payment came through.

Was this a glitch in the matrix or did the feature get added with the new foundational updates?

Just for added context, it happened again today. Maybe member approval is automated now? That would be awesome!

Ok more context, I just had a club membership request come through that did not auto approve. The plot thickens! :slight_smile:

Hi Gannon!

I’ll ask one of our guys to look into this when he has time on Monday to make sure it isn’t a bug, as I’m not aware of this being added, but it certainly could have been!


hijacking post: I recently started using the membership option. I have members that sign up then i approve and they pay, great! I also get people that sign up and i approve and they don’t pay, OK. When it comes time to send the members a email it will include the non paying shooters.
With that being said and adding to this original post can they be automatically approve and require payment at registration. Also can we MD have the option to add text fields to request curtain information and adding waivers?

Hi @Eddie_Diaz, there’s a few different questions to unpack here, so let’s break it down individually:

  • “When it comes time to send the members a email it will include the non paying shooters.” Yes that’s correct, it will also include the followers (those who follow the club but are not members and have not requested membership). However, if you want to email paid members only, there is a way around this. First, download the member list as CSV, and filter out the followers and unpaid members. Then when you click on Email All Members in the membership management page, you can “Edit Recipients”. You will then delete all the prepopulated recipients (hold down the delete key for about 30 seconds), and then copy and paste the filtered email addresses from you CSV file.
  • “Can they be automatically approve and require payment at registration?” This would be a new feature. I would recommend posting this under the “Ideas” category. As @djpetrou has mentioned in other posts, the team is busy with other stuff, but will get around to new ideas eventually.
  • “Can we MD have the option to add text fields to request curtain information?” This is not a current feature of the membership management functionality, so again this needs to get posted under “Ideas”.
  • “…and adding waivers?” Waivers are already included as an option for match registrations, so it’s unlikely Practiscore will add this feature for memberships. I personally think it’s better to get them to sign the waiver for each match anyway. Keeps the waiver fresh in everyone’s mind and also in case you need to make any edits to the waiver.

Hope that helps!

@MadisonKillian just a quick update on the original post, member requests are still coming through about 50/50 (half the time they auto-approve, the other half I need to manually approve). Preference would be auto-approve but just us know when you get around to it. :slight_smile: