Member registrations with duplicate numbers


I noticed that from the match director end, some matches are showing a list of members registered for a match with a duplicate registration number.

For example:

James B. - #9
Michael S. - #10
John B. - #10
Alex A. - #11

So when there are 20 people registered for a match, the list is showing only 19 numbers.
It happened several times, but not sure why. Best guess, is that 2 registrations occurred at exactly the same time.

Is there a way to fix it?


Try doing a hard reload on the page where you see this. Sometimes this might be a caching issue. Ctrl-F5 on most machines.

Thank you.

Tried clearing cache, logout/login and refresh. No change at all. The only thing that worked in the past was deleting and re-registering a member. But if you have members on a wait list, this causes problems.

Is there a way to submit a bug report?

During registration if two shooters register within 2 or 3 milliseconds of each other, (I can’t remember exactly) it is possible that their reg number can be duplicated. Out of all the clubs and matches I see it very seldom.
Not much that can be done within the parameters of the server system.

But in the end you are not getting more shooters registered than you want. Is this correct?